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Lead. Achieve.

Petricore delivers a variety of professional services offerings for executive leaders, sales & revenue teams, and operations. Our mission is to create a holistic, innovative, and efficient path to success.  Explore & learn more about our expertise below.  

Consulting Services

Research & Development

Our team excels in product consulting, market research projects, and software development feature / UX planning. These services are project-based and can be scoped via a free consultation with our team.  

When it comes to technology & digital transformation, we are skilled in: 

  • Existing software/app dev growth planning

  • New software/app dev planning

  • Self-service analytics strategies & implementation

Leadership Workshops & Corporate Retreats

Our expertise is strategic planning , leadership development workshops and just-in-time leadership services. We believe that unlocking your potential success is a matter of allowing creative thinking to drive results. As trusted advisors, we will work together to absorb, reassess, rethink and improve for future fitness.

Customer Success 

Your customers deserve the highest level of support. When you choose to work with our team, know that you are consistently choosing quality and excellence. Customer service is at the heart of everything that we do. 

These services may include:

  • Custom training & development programs 

  • Brand development support

  • Technology & cyber security assessments

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion evaluations & health checks

Scissortail Retreats & Archery Range

Our work together will create a ripple effect through the organization. To grow and make the most of it -- we must have courage. Facing challenges and getting comfortable being uncomfortable is where growth happens. Scissortail Retreats (pre-booking now) & Archery Range (opening Summer 2024), is a great place to kickstart that adventure and craft your own experience. 

Not sure what's right for you? If you’d like more information about our professional services, get in touch today.


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